New Era for Cloud Data Management

Recover and govern data anywhere, securely.

Useful & Practical for SMEs


Protect and keep your data safe in the Cloud. For PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Business Cloud

Affordable backup + archive.

Business AI Intelligence

Enabled with A.I recognition, OCR, eDiscovery and many more powerful features.


Partner Program designed to tailor for your customer’s needs

GDPR Universal Compliance

Strict adherence to General Data Protection Compliance (GDPR) regulations and requirement, so there’s no need to choose between staying GDPR-compliant and using the Cloud; DaytaPol lets you do both.

Also compliant with HIPAA and various other certifications, laws, privacy acts, and frameworks.

Amazon Web Services AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Reliable data storage that resides on the ultra-secure AWS infrastructure, with multi-faceted backup, including efficient duplication and redundancy to ensure on-demand data availability. This means smooth operation, with minimum performance impact on end users.

Military-Grade 256-AES Encryption

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, we have adopted top-of-the-line security protocols, such as military-grade 256-AES encryption, to meet and surpass the most strict security compliances and data regulations.