Block Level Technology

Each time DaytaPol runs; new, modified and changed files will be added to the backup. Small files will be taken as a whole file, for faster restoration. However, large modified files can be backed up using DaytaPol’s Block Level Technology. This technology is ideal for large files that undergo slight changes like databases, Outlook email files (PST) and so on. In this type of backup, only changes within the file will be backed up and not the entire file, saving more space and time.

To add more file extensions to the list of the files you wish DaytaPol to back them up using the Block Level technology, please apply the following:

1. Sign into your DaytaPol’s SmartKloud online account. From the left-side menu, click the Policies option.

2. Click on the Edit icon () next to the policy name you wish to edit, or create a new policy.

3. Under the Extensions tab, and from the Block Level Extensions section, type the extensions of the files you wish DaytaPol to back them up using this technology.

4. Click the Save button.


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