Download Media Files From Cold Storage Instantly

With DaytaPol, instant download of an optimized version of your media files (Photos, videos and audio files) from Cold Storage is now possible!

Here is how to do so:

1. Sign into your DaytaPol’s SmartKloud online account. From the left-side menu, click the Discover option.

2. Locate the media file you need to download and select it → Click the Download icon ()

3. If the selected file is backed up to Cold Storage, a pop-up window will appear, asking you whether you want to download the original version of the file or an optimized one. Select the Download Optimized Version option → OK.

This way, an optimized version of the selected file (with less quality than the original) will be instantly downloaded to your machine, instead of waiting 3-5 hours for the original version to be downloaded.

You can also Share an optimized versions of your media files that are saved under Cold Storage.

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