How can I restore older versions of my files?

Option 1: Using DaytaPol software

1. Right-click DaytaPol agent in the system tray and select the Open Dashboard option.

2. Click on the Restore option.

3. From the window that will appear, select the name of the device that you want to restore from its backup.

4. Select the file that you want to restore an older version of it, and click on the Show Versions option next to it.

5. From the versions window, click on the version that you need to restore, then click the Save button.

6. Select the restore location, the restore options and the time frame that you want to restore from then click on the Next button.

7. DaytaPol will start with the restore process, and you will notice that a red cloud icon appears in the system tray.

Option 2: From DaytaPol console

1. Sign in to your DaytaPol online account.

2. Click Discover on the left-side menu.

3. In the Discover page, search for the file that you want to restore.

4. Click on the Information icon of that file, or right click on it then select Show versions. In the right side of the screen click on Versions.

Click the Download for the version you want to download.

  • The same methods applied if you wish to restore from an archived backup.
  • You can restore older versions of the files whether they are stored to the Hot or Cold storage.
  • Restoring/Downloading from Cold Storage needs 3-12 hours to start.

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