How secure is DaytaPol & why consider us

Your files are safer while stored in your DaytaPol account than on your computer. Here we will outline the reasons.

1) With our tamper-proof audit log security, no unauthorized access to your account is possible except yourself. Any single activity is recorded, clearly and accurately.

2) Activate 2FA in your DaytaPol account, even someone steal your account credential, he is not able to access to your account without the 2FA. Always remember, any DaytaPol employee will never ask for your account password.

Click here to find out how to enable Two Factor Authentication on you DaytaPol account (choose item 3-i).


3) DaytaPol uses modern encryption methods to both transfer and store your data. Files are encrypted before leaving your machine using 256-AES. They are transferred over an SSL encrypted layer.

4) The website and client software have been hardened against attacks from hackers. This is besides all shared files are decrypted on the machine of the recipient.


5) DaytaPol is an automatic backup tool that backs up your data to the Amazon AWS secure storage servers. Unlike many of the other online or cloud backup solutions out there that backup your data to their private servers. In addition, a lot of them are not able to offer you audit log compared to our [complete audit log].

6) The Amazon S3 storage is also encrypted using Server Side Encryption (SSE). For more information, check Amazon security overview: .

Our Security Whitepaper gives you more information about the encryption and decryption processes. Get a copy here.

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