How to discover what are the data i’ve backup on DaytaPol?

1. Sign into your DaytaPol’s SmartKloud online account. From the left-side menu, click the Discover option.

By default, the Discover page will be divided into main sections:

Explore: You can use the ready icons there to easily access certain categories of your backed up data, such as the images, videos, etc, or to explore everything by clicking the All Categories icon.

Devices: This section provides you with a list of the devices (computers and smartphones) that you are backing up. By clicking on the name of any device there, the data which has been backed up from it will be shown.

Services: This section provides you with a list of the services which you have connected with your DaytaPol account. By clicking the icon of any service there, the files which have been imported from this service will be shown.

Other sections available are inclusive of ‘Top Faces‘, ‘Latest Documents‘ & ‘Latest Media‘.

Customize the way you want to show in the ‘Dashboard’ under “Manage Sections“.

2. From Menu, check on Devices & Services to access the data backed up from a certain computer, server, tablet, mobile or services.

3. To view the data backed up by another user (you need to be Admin user to do this), click the Actions icon placed at the upper right corner of the left-side panel → Select the Change user option → From the Change User box that will open, select the user to browse his/her devices → OK.

4. To view a certain category of data (Photos, Videos, etc.), select the wanted category from the Categories under REFINE BY on the left side menu. Here is a list of the extensions supported by DaytaPol.

5. To view full information about a certain file, select it → Click the Info icon for it → Full information about the selected file will be shown on the right side of the page.

From the Details view, you can Download, Share, Delete and Tag the selected item.

From the Versions view, you can view the versions you have for this selected item.

Multiple items can be selected together at one time if you wish to Download, Share, Delete or Tag.

Last but not least, you can reach the data quickly and easily by using the Search function.


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