How to start using DaytaPol (business) license?

1. Sign into your DaytaPol’s SmartKloud online account – as an Administrator. From the left menu, click Users/ Servers option.

2. Invite your team members by choosing either one of the options. Once they receive the invitation, they will be able to download DaytaPol and start backup the data.


i) Invite by email – if you have quite a lot of team members. You may set user limit later when his/ her device appear in the user list.

ii) Multiple Add (CSV) – best if you have more than 10-20 users or more. It require a bit more work by completing the information in advance.

iii) Manual Add – for let’s say 10-15 users (or less) in your organization. With this option, you’re able to set the Storage limit for each user on the spot even before they start using DaytaPol.

3. Once done, hit the Setup (yellow color button) and download the software. Install it step-by-step and start protecting your data.

Besides data from your device(s), you may backup files/ data from different service accounts such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Hit the Connect Services to complete them.


i) Once your account is setup and running, it’s important to enable Two Factor Authentication in order to secure your account for additional layer. Click here if you wish to learn more about Two Factor Authentication.

Go to Account Settings, tick Enable Two Factor Authentication and Update once done.

ii) Decide how many Versions of data you wish to keep. Select it under Settings menu.

iii) Create a security Policies. While there are many options to choose from, below show the top-priorities:

a) Choose Settings and decide how frequent you want your users to backup their data. Usually 1, 2 or every 4 hours is advisable. However, you may decide since all business/ user expectation is different.

b) Under Privileges

  • Web Privileges

You may not want your user to ‘Delete data’. If you choose to untick Enable delete data, it will avoid your team member from removing data from the backup. Means, they can only backup (but not delete).


  • Client Privileges

Enable Run Now – do make sure this is selected & your data is backup all times based on the schedule.

Enable Uninstalling DaytaPol SmartKloud – it will avoid any of ‘human error’ or excuse to lose any important data.

We advise to UNTICK Enable Pause/Resume & Allow the ability to exit DaytaPol SmartKloud for the same reason, since DaytaPol application doesn’t take much computer resources, user has no excuse to pause/ exit the application which may increase the risk of data lost.

Finally, once the Policies is created, assign the security policies to all/ respective users via Users/ Servers, choose all/ respestive user(s) & press CHANGE POLICY to activate them.

 Watch the 3-minutes First-time user guide clip.

Most of the steps shown above are only 1-time effort. Should you need any assistance/ advise, do contact your supplier or write to us at


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