Ransomware Protection: How To Restore Files If Malware Encrypts Them

Data on the Cloud does not get affected by any malware that could affect your files locally on your computer.

Since DaytaPol have Versioning feature, you can always recover (Restore) the old (not-affected) versions of your files from your backup as described below.

1. Open your DaytaPol desktop software → Click Restore.

2. From the window that will appear, select the name of the computer that you want to restore from.

Select the data that you want to restore and click on the Next button.

3. From under the Restore Location, select the Restore to an alternative location, and browse for any alternative location you prefer restoring to it.

4. Under the Restore date range, enable the Restore files within the specified date range → Select Use Backup Date → Un-check the From option (no need for it) → Check the To option, and set the date (before the data infected by malware attack).

5. Click the Next icon to start the restore process.



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