Branson C. Winston – Aug 03, 2020, 10:23 am CDT

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Rentwise offers various perks in recent leasing campaign. Besides the machine protected by world’s leading antivirus software (Bitdefender), Rentwise leasing owners now have the opportunity to get 100GB of cloud storage for free.

About Rentwise Sdn. Bhd.

Rentwise is a provider of Green IT Infrastructure Services. By understanding our clients’ IT goals, we deliver products and services with a valued difference, at the same time, protecting our environment.


If you head over to Rentwise’s ‘Leasing Perks’ website (URL), you’ll see the addition of a DaytaPol perk offering 100GB of cloud storage space for the duration of 12 months (for free, of course). The big requirement is that you own a XYZ series of device, enabling you to claim the perk; it must be redeemed by Dec 25, 2020.

free for 1 year

This new perk joins the 100GB of cloud storage space Rentwise gives to leasing users. This offering involves DaytaPol cloud backup solution and is likewise free for the duration of one year, after which point you’ll have to start paying to keep the space.

Cloud backup solution is arguably vital for most of the computer owners as part of the business continuity plan. As for the recent leasing program, Rentwise offers a number of other things — Bitdefender Total Security with multilayer ransomware protection, VSA-lite by Kaseya as well as one-time deployment service. Check out their official webpage to find out more today.

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