DaytaPol vs Acronis

Explore the table below and understand how our platform differs to Acronis in five key areas.

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DaytaPol Acronis Remark
User Management Home, Business, Reseller users Home, Business, Reseller users Each DaytaPol user can have a customizable plan that fits their requirements. There is also a centralized console where the administrator can control user accounts.
Backup Frequency By default, the backup frequency is 2 hours, but this can be configurable down to 5 minutes. Backups are performed on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. Users can enable or disable this backup schedule. While Acronis offers daily backups, DaytaPol gives users greater control over their backup frequency.
Full Scan The platform can be forced to undergo a full scan every 24 hours. However, this can be configured down to every 2 hours. There is no option to force the software to perform a full backup job. After the first backup, all subsequent backups are incremental. Backup verification
Flexibility Freedom to start and end backups at specific days and times. Hourly schedule option to start and end the backup at certain times of the day. DaytaPol provides more options to control when to start the upload, to give the user an upper hand over the backup process. This is important for the users who does not need a real-time backup and not to consume network bandwidth during working hours.


DaytaPol Acronis Remark
Encryption & Compliance 1. Files are encrypted before leaving the machine using 256-AES. 2. Files are transferred over an SSL encrypted layer. 3. Website and client software have been hardened against attacks from hackers. 1. Files are encrypted using government grade 256-bit AES. 2. Files are transferred over an SSL encrypted layer. 3. The archive's contents can be encrypted with AES cryptographic algorithms. DaytaPol has adopted top of the line security measures like multi-factor authentication. The solution is also compliant with the latest security and data regulations.
Backed by Amazon AWS Amazon S3 storage is also encrypted using Server Side Encryption (SSE). Check

Amazon security overview

Backed up data is split between multiple servers in different data-centers. The data-centers are equipped with UPS and backup diesel-generators and are designed to ensure constant power availability for up to 48 hours to sustain an undefined power outage. In addition, there are redundant HVAC, network and UPS. DaytaPol resides on the world renowned Amazon’s AWS Cloud trusted by Fortune 100 companies and the US government. For the fifth year, AWS has been named the leader of the IaaS.
File Sharing with Security enhancement Shared files are decrypted on the machine of the recipient. Built-in. Add-on/ extra cost to user
Admin Control Center Policies to have full control over the backup. The policy option: contains multiple tabs covering different aspects: 1. Hot/ Cold Storage Data, (Full control on data selections). 2. OCR Data. 3. Extensions (VSS, Block Level, Smart Selection Extensions, Global Exclude). 4. Hybrid. 5. Settings (General settings, Security Settings, Backup Schedule, Bandwidth throttling). 6. Privileges (Web-Privileges, Client-Privileges). The basic plans have controls but they are limited. Users have a choice to what to backup, where to backup and set backup schedule. There is a group option where the administrator can create unit groups and add users accounts to it. This will include: 1. Language. 2.Quotas. 3. Administrator privileges (only enable/ disable). 4. Backup notifications. 5. Agent Auto update. DaytaPol administrators have full control over all the aspects of the sub-users backup.

Usability & Performance

DaytaPol Acronis Remark
Backup Time Multi-threaded upload option for a faster backup. Not Available. Reduces the backup time to achieve a faster backup process.
Bandwidth Resources 1. Bandwidth throttling option. 2. Smart Mode and Turbo Mode option. Performance option to Control the backup process speed. Users are able to manage their internet connection usage wisely. Advanced options includes throttling schedule.
Technology Block Level technology. Sector-by-sector backup. Save time and resources while handling large files, by only uploading the modified blocks of the file rather than uploading it whole again.
Resources Criteria Automatic memory management when uploading huge amount of data. Backup process priority option to determine the amount of CPU and system resources allocated to the backup process. DaytaPol users can upload as much data as they need, without worrying about the machine's resources (RAM, CPU, etc).
Internet Connection Customize the backup connection by selecting which connection to use for the upload. Not Available. Managing the available internet connections (LAN, WiFi, 3G), prevents the upload to start while connecting to a limited network/connection.
A Second Copy Saving a local copy of the backup using the Hybrid+ feature. The user can backup locally and to the cloud at the same time. Saving a local copy from the files is available, the user need to choose the backup location (cloud or local). Double the security and ensure an even faster restore when the data is needed. This also reduces time and bandwidth resources.
Files Structure User can directly drag/drop files and folders to a DaytaPol account. Not Available. There are two type of Vaults: Instant and Cold. The type of vault depends on the selected plan. Using the Vault option provides the ability to share data between collaborators without altering the structure of the original backed up files.
All-to-One Connect services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. Also, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts with your DaytaPol account. Twitter will be added very soon. Not Available. Connect your existing environment to find your documents, photos and videos in record time. You can now have all your important and valuable data in one place, so you can easily protect, access and share files. This includes files connected through services like Box and Dropbox. You can also use DaytaPol to directly save all your personal photos and videos. More services will be added very soon.
Supporting OS 1. Windows and Mac-based computers. 2. Windows Servers. 3. NAS, SANs and Network drives. 4. External drives, flash drives and SD cards attached to your computer. 5. Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets. 1.Windows,Linux and Mac based computers. 2. Windows Servers. 3. Network drives. 4. VMware. 5. Android. DaytaPol supports more operating systems.
Backup Version Users have access to unlimited file versions on Cold & Hot Storage as well as controls over deleted files. Controlling the files versions on the backup. DaytaPol users have the choice to retain unlimited versions of files.
Various Report Detailed reports that include information on bandwidth usage, billing, alerts, audit log and more. Email alerts are also available. The management console has the provision for reports which only covers data on the system usage. E-mail notifications related to backup status are also available. DaytaPol admins will be able to access detailed reports on billing, users, data usage and much more.
Activity Log The audit log chronologically records all of the security-relevant data that is performed on the system. Activities tab only displays the machines backup status. The real-time audit log covers user management, user access, device activity as well as administrator activity. The benefits of this feature is to increase the security and transparency. Having a complete audit log demonstrates to customers that a business is serious about security.


DaytaPol Acronis Remark
Data Search Document Discovery. User can browse or use the search option. However, he/ she need to remember the filename. The Document Discovery tool from DaytaPol helps you find files by content, not just filenames. It enhances accessibility and promotes instant access. And, if you wanted greater file organization, you can tag one or many files for easier reference.
Media Streaming Video Discovery You need to browse or use the search option to find the needed file. DaytaPol enables users to stream videos without any delay. There is also the option to share videos with colleagues and clients - no matter the size.
Own Search-Engine Photo Discovery. You need to browse or use the search option to find the needed file. A.I. Photo Detection tool gives users an unique way of discovering their images - by the objects and items that appear within them. Perfect for those who want relevant results at lightning speed.
Save More Time Intelligent Filters You need to browse or use the search option to find the needed file. Trying to locate a file across all your cloud services can be time-consuming. The Intelligent Filters are essential when searching for photos, documents, PDFs and videos. Filters include owner, size, colour, and much more.

Data Centers (Back-end)

DaytaPol Acronis Remark
Global sites Multiple Data Centers (US, Europe, Australia, Asia). Multiple data centers. DaytaPol resides on Amazon AWS global infrastructure with data centers across the globe. All files are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities to ensure that they are prone from hardware failure and safe from any disaster.
Multiple Layers Amazon S3 storage. Backup data is split between multiple servers; similar to RAID with additional Reed–Solomon error correction. DaytaPol resides on Amazon AWS global infrastructure with data centers across the globe. All files are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities to ensure that they are prone from hardware failure and safe from any disaster.