DaytaPol vs Google Drive

Explore the table below and understand how our platform differs to Google Drive in few key areas.

DaytaPol Google Drive Remark
Device Protection Protects unlimited computers & servers. Limit to user/ account. Save cost since you purchase 1 account (let's say 1TB) for the whole company for unlimited users.
Backup Frequency By default, the backup frequency is 2 hours, but this can be configurable down to every 5 minutes. Data sync immediately. The risk is, if one infected by ransomware, all other users may get affected as well. DaytaPol is a Backup solution. In the event user get infected by ransomware, simply restore the previous version and continue the work as usual.
User Management Home, Business, Reseller users Home/ Personal user Each DaytaPol user can have a customizable plan** that fits their requirements. There is also a centralized console where the administrator can control user accounts.


**You’re allow to customize user storage (let’s say HR Manager gets 56GB, the boss get 150GB while the rest of staffs allocated with standard 38GB or 88GB).

Control user privileges. Assign different policies to each department/ user based on their roles & job description. Example.

Marketing department – backup their data/ files additional from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. All important files must kept in the company account to avoid data lost.

Account/ Finance department – backup MSSQL database especially accounting data.

DaytaPol Google Drive Remark
File Sharing with Security enhancement Enhanced with password setting, expiry data and download notification. Shared files are decrypted on the machine of the recipient. Standard sharing feature. Lack of security as anyone with the link can access to your information. Share file to certain people by setting password. Set urgency with link-expiry data.
Admin Rights As a business owner/ Administrator, you're able to access to your team members' files. User manage by himself. It become difficult if the staff resign without 'returning' the important data. Takes no risk on data management. Every files are valuable to your company.
Document collaboration N/A. Google Drive is perfect for team projects and as a cloud if you want to access your files from any computer or device. DaytaPol backup your Google Drive account, hence keep using free 15GB Google Drive but backup with DaytaPol.
Servers & NAS/ external storage Ability to backup data from servers, NAS or external storages. Best still, secure a second-copy into another site/ server with DaytaPol Hybrid+. N/A Running a company is no joke. Secure your data with proper/ enterprise Cloud backup vendor.
Data Erase Set user privileges. Only Admin/ certain users allow to do so. There is a big problem when you share a document within a group of people and that is that anyone who have accces to the document can erase without any warning to the other members of the group, this can be very dangerous if you have problems in your teamwork and someone wants to sabotage the job.
Various Report Detailed reports that include information on bandwidth usage, billing, alerts, audit log and more. Email alerts are also available. N/A Fully control your data with trail report. The real-time audit log covers user management, user access, device activity as well as administrator activity. The benefits of this feature is to increase the security and transparency. Having a complete audit log demonstrates to customers that a business is serious about security.
All-to-One Connect services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. Also, you can connect your Instagram accounts with your DaytaPol account. Twitter will be added very soon. N/A Secure your data from multiple account & centralize them. Manage your data on the fly.
Backup Version Users have access to unlimited file versions on Cold & Hot Storage as well as controls over deleted files. Designed for team projects. Continue free 15GB Google Drive accounts within your organization & backup important data with DaytaPol.

Understand what’s the different between a Cloud backup (DaytaPol) vs Cloud Storage/ sync (Google Drive) in less than 3 minutes.