Service Level Agreement 

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between DaytaPol Limited (“DaytaPol”) and You (“you”) sets forth the service level terms and conditions with respect to the cloud-based automated data backup services offered by DaytaPol, currently via (the “Cloud Backup Services”).


DaytaPol is dedicated to making the Cloud Backup Services easy to access and to use and to providing you with the highest standards of service. This SLA formally sets forth DaytaPol commitment to ensure 99.9% uptime of the Cloud Backup Services.


For as long as you are subscribed to the Cloud Backup Services in accordance with the Terms of Use, DaytaPol will ensure that the Cloud Backup Services will be available and operational at an annual Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9%, as measured over any calendar month (the “Service Level Goal”). If DaytaPol fails to meet the Uptime Percentage in any calendar month, and as long as you have met your obligations under the Terms of Use, you may notify DaytaPol of such failure by sending an email to DaytaPol at, and DaytaPol will provide you with a Service Credit. The Service Credit is your sole and exclusive remedy for a failure by DaytaPol to meet the Service Level Goal.

SLA Exclusions

The SLA does not apply to any services that expressly exclude this SLA (as stated in the documentation for such services) or to Downtime resulting from:

Amazon Web Services outage or other causes beyond DaytaPol reasonable control, including force majeure events; or
Your or any third party’s equipment, services, actions or lack thereof.
DaytaPol scheduled maintenance and version upgrades.


“Downtime” means the total number of minutes in a calendar month during which the Cloud Backup Services are unavailable or inoperable.

“Monthly Uptime Percentage” means the total number of minutes in a calendar month minus Downtime suffered in a calendar month, divided by the total number of minutes in a calendar month.

“Service Credit” means a credit calculated as the difference between the Service Level Goal and the Monthly Uptime Percentage, multiplied by the monthly fee payable by you to DaytaPol for the applicable month in accordance with the Terms of Use.

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