05 June 2020 – Kuala Lumpur.

To encourage micro-enterprises and SMEs to move to the digital or online services, the government, together with the private sector, will finance the venture through a matching grant of RM140 million.

This allocation will be used for training sessions, vendor subsidies and sales assistance and it will be spearheaded by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) along with selected e-commerce platforms.

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Start Digitalise Your Business


DaytaPol’s SME Cyber Cloud

Choose a plan that fits your needs. A package that includes Data Management, Endpoint Security + Marketing Booster.

Useful & Practical for SMEs

  • Protect all your important data including files, videos, application, as a second-copy and stay-safe from cyber attack such as ransomware.
  • Allocate different backup storage-size to different staffs/ department
  • Secure your NAS storage as well as service-accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc into a single portal and manage your data on-the-fly. Click here for more info.
  • Complete protection for all your devices that goes beyond antivirus & anti-malware software.
  • Multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your files safe
  • More than 500 Millions user in the world
  • Corporate online presence + e-commerce capability – you need a professional web portal to show to the world. Elegant design, mobile optimized that come with CTA (click-to-action) button
  • Choose a professional domain – www.yourbrand.com (come with maximum 8 webpages in DSCC-Platinum package)

If you have suitable solution that empower SMEs, do contact us for a discussion. We would like to help SMEs by maximing ‘cloud’ and ‘digitalisation’.

Frequent Asked Questions

I get to know you from your reseller. May I purchase from them directly? Who is the contact point?

Yes, you may either purchase from our authorized partner or, from us at the price shown above.

Sometimes, our authorized partner may offer you better price due to they’ve committed a volume quantity and able to offer you discount/ rebates.

Any trial period before I make purchase?

Yes, please find the follows.

a) DaytaPol cloud backup solution – For trial, just request from our authorized partner & they would be able to assist you at no cost. Trial period – 2 weeks.

b) Bitdefender security. Yes, just complete the contact us form at the bottom of this page. Trial period – 2 weeks.

c) Corporate web development. There is no trial however you may start choosing the design you prefer here.

Looks good! May I purchase and use it on next year?

Courtesy on the SME-Digilisation program announced by the government, this program is intiated with the purpose to help local SMEs to overcome the challenges & grow the economic together during Covid19 pandemic. Hence, all available solutions/ services in the package will be activated within 1-month upon purchase.

I'm not business owner. Can I resell this program to my customers/ friends?

Introducer/ affiliate/ agent is welcome. You may either write to us at partners @ daytapol.com or send whatsapp to us and tell us more about you.

Information about DaytaPol solution

Q: May I have more information about this product?

Ans: Click here to understand more about DaytaPol Cloud backup solution plan.

Q: What can I protect using this DaytaPol?

Ans: Workstation/ computer (Windows, Mac) and servers.

Information about Corporate Web Design

(coming soon)

Information about Bitdefender Security

Q: May I have more information about this product?

Ans: Click here to understand more about Bitdefender Security.

Q: Do I manage all my computers in a single Bitdefender account?

Ans: Yes. For DSCC-Basic (7pcs) and DSCC-Gold (15pcs), you’re managing all devices in a single account.
For DSCC-Platinum, you will be managing all 25pcs device in two accounts.

Q: What can I protect using this Bitdefender Security?

Ans: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Simply, it’s a multi-platform security.

Q: I don’t have so many devices in my company (15 or 25pcs). Can I use it for my subsidiaries or my family members?

Ans: As a subscriber, you decice who you want to protect with your Bitdefender subscription. No questions asked.

Question about 2nd-year Renewal

Q: Your reseller told me that renewal is optional. Can you tell me more about it?

Ans: Yes, it is. There is no contract apply to this subscription. If you find any of the solution works & helps in your business, you may decide to continue by choosing either a respective or all solutions. Below shows the estimate cost for next year renewal.

i) DaytaPol Cloud Backup – 1TB or 2TB. You may reduce/ customize the plan as we understand all businesses are different. Generally you can find the packages available here https://www.daytapol.com/pricing/, but do approach your reseller to enquire for local price in Ringgit Malaysia.

ii) Bitdefender
You may reduce from let’s say 15pcs package to even as low as 1pc or 3pcs. As price varies from time to time, we suggest that you may contact us before your license expire to get the latest/ best offer.

iii) Website design – www.mybrand.com  

The cost to renew your website + hosting cost you roughly Rm 180 – Rm 230/year. Contact us or our partner (CloudSource19) if you wish to customize your website along the process.

I've subscribed! What's next?

Depends on the package(s) you subscribe, the progress generally goes like this:

i) DaytaPol – you will be getting an account created specially for you. It come with 1 year subscription that allows you to start backup your data almost immediately. 

ii) Bitdefender – Similar to DaytaPol, provide us an email id for account setup. 

iii) Website design. This part takes a bit effort, anyway we’re ready for it. Just answer few questions* and it’s ready to go!

*such as your prefer domain name (ie: www.mybrand.com or www . mybrand2 .com), prefer web design etc.

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