What to Consider as a MSP?

When you decided to upgrade your business from VARs to a Managed-Service-Provider, there are few important items you may need to consider in order to make a success. Some of the recommendations are your customer service team/ SOP, is your sales team able to drive the business to the next level, is the IT infras up to mark in order to serve your customers. Besides, pricing plays an important role as it may determine your business strategy.


Here we’ve prepared you some steps to take prior to make changes on the business model.


1. Your commitment to change (to MSP)
It’s not about ‘announcement’, but your clients are expecting to see the improvement you make, from customer service level, how you manage service-level-agreement (SLAs) to how consistent and committed are you in making those changes. New pricing should be introduced with confident in order to grab the customer’s attention and convert them accordingly.


2. Support from vendors
Your clients engage with you because they trust you. But trust is not everything, you need to show them realiable offers and support. It’s time to fully make use of the available resources from respective vendors, starting from their expertise, deployment team, backend support and build a solid offer that not only work to keep existing clients but also grab new customers alike. Communicate with the vendors closely and help each another that will enhance the relationship. Win-win.


3. Type of customers
Not all end-users understand MSPs, how they work and benefits them. You may need to decide what type of customers are suitable in the MSPs space.


Example. If company-A is only willing to subsribe to DaytaPol Home version (compare to DaytaPol Business Intelligence) and the business owner explain that they do not need any remote session/ maintenance package from you, you should be able to categorize the customers into different groups and make sure it works best for your new arrangement.


4. Pricing structure
Compare to last time, you’re no longer trade a product. No more buying-selling basis, instead you should enhance it with services and make the pricing structure more flexible and attractive. Take note, make simple plan/ packages for customers to choose from. If require, create package comparison side-by-side listing the differences. Under ‘premium’ package, you may want to bundle certain ‘low-cost-yet-valuable’ product to boost the buying confident.


5. Cost vs Resources
Have you ever wondering how to make extra revenue yet you could probably reduce a sum of cost every month? Considering if you could outsource a deployment project to a strategic partner so that you can focus on managing the customers, you may end up making higher profits. Besides, there are lots of tools available that can help you to manage endpoints seamlessly. Subscribe them on monthly basis to keep your cost low.







In order to strike the goal, you need to plan ahead and believe in it. The changes not only make impact on your current business but also in the future, set a clear goal and look into some of the recommendations we’ve mentioned above.

Consider offer DaytaPol as one of your product/ service as Backup-as-a-Service gives you another stream of revenue.


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