Healthcare organizations need to keep track of a significant amount of information. How do hospitals and clinics face the challenge of securing patient data from a malicious attack and managing a costly infrastructure, while budgets continue to fall?

That’s where we come in. Our HIPAA-compliant technology can help you save money, efficiently store important medical documents and ensure your files are protected.



X-Ray Preview


Automatic Backup

Data Recovery

File Discovery



Reduce IT Costs

User Access Control

Discover Medical Files In Seconds

Every minute matters in healthcare. Considering the sheer volume of data that’s created every year, finding the correct file instantly can prove tricky. We’ve changed that. Our ground-breaking iDiscovery feature allows users to find medical documents in a matter of seconds. Rather than searching by file names – that you will inevitably forget – search by content instead.

The platform also preserves the folder structure of your data, so you can access your content as if it were stored locally – making it easier for migration.

Zero Data Loss

Last year, over 100 million people were affected by data breaches. Coupled with the increasing threat of ransomware, proper safeguards are required to ensure zero data loss.

Maintaining the integrity of confidential information is central to the success of a healthcare organization.

HIPAA Compliant

We’ve implemented a number of safety measures to ensure patient confidentiality remains intact. Any file uploaded to DaytaPol is protected with military-grade encryption (256-AES). The same level used by the US Government and NASA.

Your files are much safer in HIPAA-compliant data center than it would be on a single client-side server in your building.

Reduce IT Costs

Our top priority is to save you money, whilst keeping your valuable data assets safe, secure and accessible. DaytaPol eliminates the need for costly IT resources such as on-premise over-priced storage equipment. You’ll only need pay for the on-demand secure storage you need.

Real Time Auditing

Detect insecure practices and prevent incidents before they occur with our powerful auditing system. Track all searches, alterations and shares right down to the time and source of the action.

User Access Control

All your data remains securely within your control. Access to files is based on permissions set by the administrator, ensuring colleagues only see relevant files based on their roles within the organization. Additionally, you can specify delete and download permissions.

X-Ray Preview

Harnessing advanced technology, doctors, care teams and physicians will have the ability to seamlessly upload X-Ray images, preview them on the cloud and share with colleagues across compatible devices.

Automatic Backup

Life is easier when using DaytaPol. Our automated service ensures that new or amended files uploaded to the platform will be automatically backed up, allowing you to concentrate on operational matters.

Recover Deleted Files

DaytaPol is designed to keep data safely protected for life. If by accident, a file is deleted, it can be retrieved easily with a notification sent to the administrator.



Our cloud-based technology improve the ability to recover data in the event of disaster. Because your data is stored securely offsite, and can be retrieved when required.

Ease of use

No more technical distractions. You don’t need to have a PHD in cloud technology. The platform is made with simplicity.


The consequences to losing a file can be catastrophic. DaytaPol is designed to prevent data loss. With data centers in multiple locations, you can rest easy knowing that DaytaPol is securing your data.


Organizations of all sizes can easily scale as they grow, leveraging the cloud to store as much data as needed, while minimizing the impact on IT departments and without capital expenditures.


Since there’s no need for hardware infrastructure or third-party software licenses, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce up-front capital expenditures.