Law Firms

Last year, over 80% of firms had some sort of data breach. Information governance is paramount to legal practices. This is why DaytaPol is ideal.

We’ve engineered military-grade encryption to provide the highest levels of protection for client data that you can rely on – beyond a reasonable doubt.

Cost of storing 10TB (per year)


DaytaPol @ $3K


#AC @ $9.8K


#VE @ $13.3K

What We Offer

Document Discovery

Searching for case files and legal agreements just got easier. You don’t need to know the exact phrase in the document you are looking for, as the technology understands language and sentence structure variations. Simply type in a word or phrase and you’ll get a set of relevant results. You can also tag your files by the client or by case type for faster retrieval.

Convert Scanned PDFs

With our Optical Character Recognition technology, you can now convert any scanned documents and images into searchable data. This means searching for any case documents or legal agreements just got easier – simply search by keywords and the technology will do the rest.

Undo Human Error

DaytaPol is designed to keep data safely protected for life. If by accident, a file is deleted, it can be retrieved easily with a notification sent to the administrator.

Automatic Protection

Any new legal documents or agreements that are uploaded will be automatically backed up without interrupting your workflow.

Data Retention

Whether you prefer to automate retention periods or manage manually, you’ll be in full control of exactly how long your data archived for.

Reduce Costs

Our top priority is to save you money, whilst keeping your valuable data assets safe, secure and accessible. DaytaPol eliminates the need for costly IT resources such as on-premise over-priced storage equipment. You’ll only need pay for the on-demand secure storage you need.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you’re on your way to meet a client or working out of the office, it’s important to be able to access your data straight from your smartphone. With DaytaPol, you can backup and access your files from anywhere with an internet connection.

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