The website and software are blocked. Why is that?

It is possible that your antivirus, firewall, or system optimization application is interfering with DaytaPol intelligent. Consider adding DaytaPol to your application’s whitelist. Also, make sure that all the DaytaPol related processes can pass through the Windows Firewall as allowed apps as explained in this article.

Please make sure to exclude the following paths from your AntiVirus’s real-time scanning:

  • C:\Program Files\DaytaPol\SmartKloud
  • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\DaytaPol\SmartKloud
  • C:\Program Files\DaytaPol\SmartKloud.exe
  • C:\Program Files\DaytaPol\SmartKloudService.exe

And make sure that you have the TCP ports 80 and 443 open and available through your Firewall.

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