Top-5 Reasons to Offer Backup-as-a-Service


Value-added resellers (VARs), System Integrators (S.I) across the market are coming to a common question nowadays whether or not they should have Backup-as-a-Service included in their portfolio as a strategic move.


For many VARs, it will probably be the first controlled provider imparting in their business. A preliminary reaction might be “is there a demand?”, due to the truth quite definitely – VARs are busy usually. Running a business and maintaining customers is difficult enough, however they should spend few minutes reading this article.


What they may no longer realize is that the MSP model brings unexpected blessings to both the client and the IT issuer on multiple levels. It can lessen the burden of work and growing income exponentially.


Here we list some concrete benefits of adding backup as a managed service (learn more about DaytaPol partnership):


1. Increased Profits

VARs go back and forth from purchaser to customer, rolling out hardware and software solutions for a hard and fast wide variety of hours – even as product margins continue to shrink. They searched customers for upgrade and maintenance renewals, regularly visible as a nuisance by the customer even because it’s brilliant for his or her benefit. Delivering Backup-as-a-Service method that payment, improvements, and renewals are all computerized. Without gaps in preservation and aid (factors of failure) the VAR acknowledges better profitability from every setup year over year.


2. Secure, Predictable Income

Customer goals can be unpredictable and for the VAR can bring about workloads of being stretched too skinny, or disturbing silence. This inconsistency impacts income. Managed Backup creates a constant, predictable income move and offers the VAR an opportunity to plot for the growth. Rather than one-off tasks, the VAR advantages from predictable month-to-month bills. End customers are more significant without any difficult besides able to budget for continuous data protection. It creates a more financially secure model with potential for higher profitability and growth.


3. Product Quality & Compliance (GDPR, HIPAA)
Whether it’s a healthcare services or education institutes, regulatory is always mandatory criteria and will continue to grow in expectation. Both end-user and VARs must be able to show that they’ll be making each effort to remain compliant. Be that as it may, consistency thrown into inquiry wherein a client’s reinforcement arrangement is in place. Backup-as-a-Service offers VARs the framework to comply the assurance to their customers.


4. Risk Management
While business growth and risk management are constantly a challenge, VARs might also underestimate the value of a proactive facts protection service as opposed to the old reactive version. With the capacity to display the achievement or failure of client backups, VARS are made aware in the event of backup failure. The Backup-as-a-Service model guarantees that the trendy technology is being used and that backups are continuously restorable and ready for the customer.


5. Maintain Clients Satisfaction
While most of the customers enjoy a predictable monthly charge for data protection, some other countries offer annual subscription such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Irregardless of the subscription type, VARs need to assure consistent delivery of data protection services in a more friendly option, building stronger relationship with the customers that lead you to more opportunities. VARs who aren’t ready to provide Backup-as-a-Service may leave customer doubt about their services and this open to other competitors to replace them.




To include Backup-as-a-Service will require advanced technologies, thanks to AWS that we’re awarded as one the few Advanced Technology Partner. This allow us to offer you MSP partner platform like SmartKloud. VARS shall reaps the rewards of better revenue and predictable workload by then.


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