Why the files in the Pending list do not get uploaded?

After running a backup, you might find files in the pending files list which have not been uploaded for one of the following reasons:

The pending files are Block Level files

By default, DaytaPol will upload the Block Level files once every 24 hours, so you will need to give DaytaPol some more time, and those files in the Pending list will be uploaded.

Meantime, you can change the frequency at which DaytaPol uploads the Block Level files by creating a policy, changing the Backup Block Level files frequency from under the Settings tab of this policy, and assigning this policy to any of your users.

The pending files have paths with more than 250 characters

Due to the OS limitation, DaytaPol cannot backup such files. You will need to find a way to shorten their path. Those files will be moved out of the Pending list and added to the Skipped Files list.

Failed to copy

This occurs if DaytaPol fails to copy the files to the cache folder to prepare them before the upload. To solve this problem:

  • Check the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS): DaytaPol uses this service to back up opened and locked files, so check if this service is running on your machine, or if it needs repairing, follow the steps here.
    If this file is always open or in use by other programs, you can add it to the VSS extensions list in DaytaPol which will force using the VSS service on these files each time they get backed up.
  • Check the free space on the drive that holds the cache folder: For more information, click here.
  • Make sure that you have full permissions or at least the read permission on the file, folder or directory that you want to back up. This article explains how to do that.
  • If the file in the list is stored on a network or external drive, make sure that this drive is connected and accessible and the file is not used by any other process at that time as these files will not be copied by VSS.

Failed to upload

Files might stay in the pending files list if there is a problem in uploading them. This can be fixed by doing the following:

Check your Internet connection and if you have set any special rules on your router that might be preventing DaytaPol from uploading files.

Check your firewall and exclude DaytaPol from being scanned by your anti-virus. You can find in this article the steps to do that.

Finally, keep in mind that on each run, DaytaPol will try again to re-upload these files. However, if the problem still persists, please contact us at support@daytapol.com

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